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Quick Details
Over the years since the establishment of the factory, the scale of production has continued to expand. It has always adhered to the tenet of "survive by quality, develop by credibility", and has won praise and trust from customers for its good quality, low price and sincere hospitality. While the factory continues to thrive, with our knowledge of natural stone raw materials and the expertise in gem processing technology, KongCoLy gem plate has become a well-known high-end building materials provider in China.

Application Fields
Semi-Precious Stone can be used for indoor wall & floor, kitchen and bathroom, tabletop。 As well as shopping malls, brand shop, restaurants, municipal constructions and so on。
Product Performance
Test Item Unit Required Standard Test Result
Mohs Hardness - ≥5 6~7
Density g/cm3 - 2。36~2。45
Water Absorption % ≤0.1 0。01~0。02
Compressive Strength(Dry) Mpa ≥150 182~207
Flexural Strength(Dry) Mpa ≥30 55。5~72。1
Abrasion Resistance 1/cm3 ≥50 70
Radioactivity - ≤1 IRa<0.1
Product Description
Slabs Sizes 3200x1600mm / 126x63
3000x1400mm / 118x55
3000x700mm / 118x27。5
2500x800mm / 98x31
Cut To Size 300x300mm  300x600mm  400x400mm  600x600mm   
Countertop 110x26  110x36  110x42  110x52  110x4   110x6
Finish Polished, Customized : Honed
Thickness 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
Certificate NSF, Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, CE, ISO9001, Alibaba Golen Supplier

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