Inorganic artificial quartz

Inorganic artificial quartz
Inorganic artificial quartz
  • Inorganic artificial quartz
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    Inorganic artificial quartz
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    floor and outdoor wall
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Detailed description

KangJieli inorganic quartz stone, containing natural quartz type raw materials up to 90%. It adopts environmentally-friendly inorganic binders and inorganic pigments imported from Italy, and does not contain organic components such as resin and glue. Shaped by high frequency and high voltage vibration, the advantages are obvious. as follows:

1。 Automatic line single sheet out of the plate, to avoid the uneven internal and external density caused by the traditional pressing method, and the error of later sectioning, to ensure that the overall density of the entire sheet is consistent and the thickness is accurate。

2. KangJili's inorganic quartz stone has higher aggregate content and denser. The product can reach Mohs hardness of 6-7, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the effect remains longer.

3。 KangJili's inorganic quartz stone does not contain organic components such as resin。 The raw materials are non-combustible and flame-resistant materials。 The products meet the international A-class fire resistance standards, and are not easily deformed at high temperatures, do not generate harmful smoke, and are safe and environmentally friendly。

4. Inorganic quartz stone products have passed the NSF and GREENGUARD Green Guards in the United States. Tested and certified by TUV Rheinland \ SGS and other internationally renowned resin agencies, it is environmentally friendly and can be in direct contact with food.

5. Kangjieli's inorganic quartz stone has stable quality, low linear thermal expansion coefficient, and can not be deformed during cold and hot expansion. Traditional cement mortar paste can be used, which is simpler and has fewer quality problems. At the same time, it can also use the entire large board for paving. More atmospheric and beautiful.

6, KangJie Li inorganic quartz stone can resist ultraviolet rays, good weather resistance, can be used outdoors, can adapt to various harsh environments such as wind, sun, rain, frost, and more KangJieLi inorganic quartz stone upgraded version of the external wall dry hanging system, Make exterior wall paving more efficient, safe and beautiful.

7。 KangJieli's inorganic quartz stone uses inorganic pigments to mix and match, and it still does not change color and does not fade。

8. With anti-static effect, it can meet the space requirements of precision electronic instruments such as computer rooms, hospitals and laboratories.

9. KangJili's inorganic quartz stone also has a good performance in bending resistance compared with the inorganic artificial stone products in the same industry, because it uses an inorganic binder imported from Italy.

Relevant labels:Inorganic artificial quartz
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