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How to disassemble and install quartz stone countertops during kitchen maintenance?

Kitchen decoration is definitely the most need for careful design. A good kitchen design can greatly enhance the convenience and quality of home life. When decorating the kitchen, many people will choose the whole kitchen, which is convenient and easy, and the style is also unified. There are also many people who choose to mix and match the kitchen because they save money. The kitchen cabinets and countertops are all designed and decorated by themselves. In the selection of countertops, whether it is a whole kitchen or a self-built kitchen, quartz stone will be used as the cabinet countertop! But once a problem occurs, many people have a headache. A little problem may involve the disassembly and assembly of the cabinet countertop. Therefore, how to disassemble and assemble quartz stone countertops is a problem that many people pay more attention to. The editor will explain how to disassemble and assemble cabinet countertops.

quartz stone

Everyone should have a better understanding of the characteristics of quartz stone. Its hardness can reach Moss hardness level above 6, which is unmatched by other stones. Therefore, the processing requirements are relatively high, not to mention seamless splicing. Quartz stone splicing generally uses the same color glue from the original quartz stone manufacturer. If you need to disassemble and assemble, you need to use an angle grinder to cut the gap. At this time, if the operation is wrong, the table may explode. If you can, try not to dismantle it!

Quartz slab

If you must disassemble and assemble because of maintenance, don't do it yourself! You should find a professional quartz stone installer and use professional tools for operation. After the operation is completed, the entire countertop needs to be polished and waxed. This editor wants to explain that the quartz stone countertop cannot be restored to its original shape when it needs to be disassembled twice after the installation is completed. Please proceed with caution! 

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