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Can the bleeding be repaired

How to deal with the color bleeding on the surface of quartz stone?

Artificial stone has natural and beautiful patterns and colors, and is more unique than other industrialized products。 It provides designers with a broad design space while also pursuing nature and advocating green environmental protection。 It is becoming more and more fashionable in home decoration。 Many people are also using artificial quartz and acrylic as decorative stones。 At the same time, when choosing a stone, in addition to choosing the decorative properties such as the color pattern, gloss and appearance quality of the stone surface, the compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, and abrasion resistance of the stone should also be considered。 , Hardness and other physical and chemical performance indicators。 The most worried thing is the color bleeding of the stone!


Many people know that quartz stone has a smooth surface with high density, and a hard surface without any pores. The water absorption rate of the plate is 0.02%! So does quartz stone have no bleeding? If you think so, you are wrong, because there is no absolute in all things! This also depends on the production process of the plate and the liquid in contact with it. From the production process, it can be divided into die-casting plate and casting plate. Die-casting plate should be used when purchasing! Quartz stone is a polymer synthetic stone, so it should be avoided in daily use with acidic liquids and tea. These liquids "may" seep into the board!


Can the bleeding be repaired and how to repair it? You can use neutral detergent or soapy water for cleaning, use a rag to wipe back and forth, don't use wire balls! ! ! Because it is likely that water stains on the surface of the board. If it can't be cleaned, it will be a little troublesome, which means it has really penetrated into the board. If it penetrates into the board, it is necessary to use sandpaper of more than 2,000 mesh for sanding or repair with resin glue. The latter repair method should not be operated by yourself. Contact the quartz stone manufacturer or professional for operation!

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