Kangjieli will attend the 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair.-News-Shandong Kang Jieli New Materials Co., Ltd


Kangjieli will attend the 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair.

Welcome to our booth A7002,see you at October 27-30,2020.

彩83彩票主页China Xiamen International Stone Fair was founded in 2001. Making full use of rich stone resource in Fujian Province and Xiamen port advantage, Xiamen Stone Fair develops rapidly and has become one of the largest professional stone exhibitions in the world. The purposes of this fair are to: display new products, new technology and equipments, create business opportunities, improve the communication of global stone industry, so as to promote for the development of the whole stone industry and increase trading volume.

The success of Xiamen Stone Fair makes Xiamen famous as "global stone center", which is helpful for the development of local economy and the progress of the exhibition industry. On one hand, the abundant industrial resource contribute to the development of Xiamen Stone Fair; on the other hand, Xiamen Stone Fair is held once a year, which also brings facilities for local companies to exploit global market, learn about the latest technology and trends. The matured mode of Xiamen Stone Fair makes Xiamen city with rich exhibition experience, gives full play to regional advantage and cultivates more featured conferences and exhibitions, and stimulates local economic growth. Drawing on this successful mode, Xiamen keeps innovating and develops as an International center of conference and exhibition.

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