Care and Maintenance of Quartz Stone-Kang Jieli New Materials



1。Daily maintenance can be kept clean by wiping with a spon ge and a neutral detergent。 Todisinfect the surface with diluted bleach (mixed with water 1:3 or 1:4) or other disinfectant。 Aftercleaning, wipe off the water stains with a towel and try to keep the table dry。

2. Due to limescale and strong oxidizer (chloride ion) in water, if water stay on the cabinetcountertop surface for a long time will produce stubborn stains; Drying with an electric hair dryer, afew hours or a few days later, stains will disappear slowly; Tiny specks can be removed by wipingthe surface with a wet duster cloth.

3. For small stains, use neutral detergent and gel toothpaste to wipe.


The cleaning steps of some stubborn stains should be determined according to the degree of polishing of the slabs:

1.Matte surface: Using detergent to burnish in a circle, washing it and then dry with a drytowel; Wipe off the whole countertop over a period of time to keep the surface bright.

2. Semi-matte surface: Using a scouring pad with non-abrasive detergent to burnish in a circle, then dry with a towel, and use non-abrasive polishing material to enhance the surface brightnesseffect.

3. High glossy surface: Using a sponge and non-abrasive brightener to burnish; Dirt that is hard to remove, can be sanded with a 1200 mesh sandpaper, then polished with a soft cloth, brightener or furniture wax.

彩83彩票主页For other details, please refer to the maintenance manual of Kangjieli.

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