Enterprise management concept
Honest man, rules work, customer first, legitimate business.
Two, enterprise service concept
For the lower level of service, the Department of the basic services for the Department, the upper process for the next process of service, staff for customers and consumers.
Three, enterprise work concept
1, learning communication, self transcendence.
2, only to find a successful way, not to find excuses for failure.
Four, enterprise talent concept
1, with the feelings of people, with the cause of stay, with the treatment of people.
2, to Germany first, by educating people, have both ability and political integrity, survival of the fittest.
3, candidates should be, to the public, educating people to be diligent, strict management.
Five, enterprise quality policy
Quality first, quality excellence; to provide customers with the value of the exchange of products as their responsibility.
Six, enterprise environmental management policy
Abide by laws and regulations, strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and consumption, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
Seven, corporate strategic objectives
Build a hundred years enterprise, cast evergreen foundation.
Eight, enterprise core values
Talent is the source of enterprise, quality is the soul of the enterprise, efficiency is the foundation of the enterprise, security is the eternal theme.
Nine, corporate ethics
Victory by wisdom, victory by Germany; eat the small loss people accounted for cheap, cheap people suffer a great deal.
Ten, enterprise team concept
Spring is not thriving, All flowers bloom together. spring garden.



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